Class Action Lawsuit Processing

In the past few years, securities class action lawsuits have been filed at a record pace. We expect that the frequency of claims will continue or increase. Responding to our clients’ requests for a solution, Salem Trust researched and negotiated a partnership with a specialized class action services provider. Just as a class action provides a cost-effective solution for an investor unlikely to file a single participant claim, specialists in class action processing might be able to provide the best value for pursuing those claims.

Our solution for class action processing creates and monitors separately managed accounts for any eligible investments. There is no need for client intervention. Our partner supplies you with an online claims tracking tool, and collects a fee only when you are awarded a settlement. There is also no charge by or compensation to Salem Trust for this service.

Being an asset custodian, to us, means being an attentive partner, one who seeks to help you safeguard your assets and prudently manage your expenses.

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