Custody Services

Core Custody Services

Salem Trust performs the services of a custodian bank. Our government retirement plan and institutional clients experience these familiar asset and safekeeping services, delivered with uncommon support:

  • Attendance at trustee and client meetings
  • Statements that easily consolidate sub-accounts
  • Client-selected sub-accounts that quickly distinguish separately managed accounts (SMAs), mutual funds and operating accounts
  • Client-selected statement format selection (trade date, settlement date, executive summary), with flexibility for service providers to select a different format
  • Processing of affirmed and non-affirmed security trades from U.S. exchanges
  • Fraud prevention through online access to a non-transactional portal with access hierarchy and client-customized reports
  • Asset pricing of marketable, non-marketable and hard-to-value assets
  • Collection of income and dividends
  • Pay down processing of mortgage and asset-backed securities
  • Cash management from automated sweep services and an integrated cash report
  • Internal free receipts and deliveries
  • Support of proxy voting and tendering
  • Corporate action processing
  • Tax reporting
Salem Trust Sample Custody Statement

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