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Salem Trust Company believes that community is not just a place. It is a relationship that ties together people, causes and companies.

We are proud to give back to the greater community in which we live. Our company contributes to many worthy causes through the USFS Charitable Foundation, an extension of our employee-owned holding company. We have supported many important and worthy organizations and causes, including area food banks, education and the arts, and are proud to contribute to the Florida Public Pension Association Relief Fund. The FPPTA Fund helps the families of police officers, firefighters and other public employees whose circumstances require additional financial support.

The Foundation also supports an employee matching gifts program, a well-participated program that has increased contributions toward many purposes that are near and dear to the hearts of our employees.

As a company whose overriding mission is the safeguarding of our clients' well-being, we feel it is important to foster wealth, health and community spirit in the greater world around us.

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